Innovate in Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation and Research


Fully Licenced by Government of the Netherlands


No daylight top tier farm


Zero pesticides, Sustainably Grown & 95% of water recycled


GEP Research

What we do

CannNext conducts research on medicinal cannabis in the Netherlands for the company and its clients under a government licence and aims to start producing medicinal cannabis in 2020.


Our mission is to improve the well-being of (terminal) patients by producing an affordable medicinal product for specific symptoms of diseases.


Become a leader in research and production of medicinal cannabis in the Netherlands and Europe.

Aiming for top 3:

  • Rating by patients
  • Rating by physicians
  • Rating by researchers
  • Rating by clients

Why Choose CannNext

  • CannNext has a leading new no-daylight research facility performing research under GEP guidelines. Since 2018 CannNext has been working with international market leaders on medicinal cannabis research and production improvement.
  • The company offers one-stop-shopping seed-to-harvest analytical research on plants and ingredients within the Netherlands saving time and costs for clients.
  • The company can offer turn-key production and testing facilities worldwide with its strategic partners and also provide operational production support.

Our Production facility

  • Cultivation facility in the Netherlands
  • Government Licensed for growing medicinal cannabis for research
  • Planning for medicinal production in 2020 via Dutch tender
  • Experts in growing high-quality medicinal cannabis

Our Research Facility

  • Research of specific no-daylight seeds
  • Research on cuttings
  • Research on plant ingredients
  • Research on extraction

Our Turn-key facilities

  • Delivery of turn-key research facilities worldwide
  • Operational support optional
  • No Daylight: Complete control over day and night
  • High precision cultivation due to wide spectrum lamps
  • Closed Air system: 100% recycled
  • 95% of water recycled
  • High tech watering system
  • Data mining of grow patterns for optimizing growth