About us

Founder & CEO, CannNext BV

Eric founded the Dutch pharmaceuticals company CannNEXT BV, based in Amsterdam. For the past 18 years, he has been a board member and management consultant for international companies, including ING Bank and JP Morgan. As a board member of Amtrada, an international trading firm, he was responsible for strategy and executing a reorganization in 2015. The following year, as a board member of international commodity trading company Daarnhouwer, he was responsible for strategy and IT. Previously he worked in management positions at ABN AMRO and IBM Corp.

From 1990 until 2001 Eric worked and lived in New York city.


The company believes the cannabis plant has unique characteristics to help patients improve their well-being and advocates medicinal cannabis as an alternative or complimentary to more traditional medication.


The company also believes the effects of medicinal cannabis can be very personal: one typical strain may work better for one person then the other.


Education of doctors and patients is very important, therefore the company will allocate 20% of net profits to projects that help patients and doctors to better understand the effects and application of medicinal cannabis.