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Amstelveen, 29 June 2020

Netherlands’ academy for training of 40 medical cannabis professionals will start in August 2020

The legalization of production in the Netherlands and Europe is creating an urgent need for investors, entrepreneurs, consultants and the government for professional knowledge and experience.

  • The Professional training – named Netherlands’ Academy of Medicinal Cannabis – and organized by CannNext, provides a certification for the medicinal cultivation professional and starts August 31, 2020
  • Rapid legalization requires professional and experienced people for management and operations
  • 40 training spots
  • Focus on best-practice data-driven cultivation, supply chain, compliance and plant pharma
  • Collaboration with renowned professionals and from practice and training.

Training for 40 future leaders in legal (medical) cannabis companies

CannNext ( starts the academic year 20/21 with training courses for 40 professionals. The training starts in the last week from August to the end of November. Professionals receive training and certification in Business Management or Cultivation Operations. CannNext expects the need for a few hundred professionals for the legalizing Dutch and European market in 20/21.

Professionals are scarce but critical for success

The international market is growing rapidly and, in a few years, best-practice must be realized that has lasted decades for other crops. There is an enormous need for highly trained professionals. Personnel must understand the organization and operations but should also be able to deal with the enormous compliance and a critical supply chain. From cultivation to delivering to the patient or consumers points of sale: timely and reliable delivery in accordance with specifications is crucial for customers and governments.

Make sure to have an excellent reputation with (local) government and stakeholders

Reputation is extremely important in this industry. Not delivering or not the right quality can mean loss of customers and in worst case loss of your license. (Local) government will not take any risks with uncertainties regarding delivery. This starts with well-trained and experienced staff.

Personnel must be involved before construction

We advise the staff to get involved a year before the start of the cultivation. You also don’t start training an astronaut just 1 week before a space flight. In our experience you have to be extremely well prepared. Since the organization and cultivation is fairly new to many, we suggest simulating cultivation well in advance. This means that possible design mistakes or savings can still be realized in time. Once the facility has been completed and processes implemented, changes are extremely costly.

Ensure efficiency and optimal customer service from day 1.

The crop is too expensive to lose harvests. From day 1, operations should work and with an excellent customer service. If you buy a Starbucks store, you don’t want to throw coffee away in the first month either because it didn’t taste good. You want return and satisfied customers from day 1.\

You see with many legally renowned cannabis companies that a lot can go wrong and can lead to huge losses. Preparation should not be underestimated.

A training for entrepreneurs, analysts, financial advisers, and civil servants

There are 2 types of training: Business Management and Cultivation Operations.

Both courses deal with roughly the same components, however management focuses more on the overall organization, while operations focuses more on an efficient and effective growing and processing organization.

The training is not only for people directly involved in a cultivation company, but also other stakeholders such those working for advisors or government.

Investors and advisors

To give solid advice you need to understand the supply chain and business model. There is an enormous need for analytical knowledge about the industry and operations.

Government and Municipalities

Setting policies requires that there is extensive knowledge within the (local) government which also improves discussions with other parties involved.

Professional teachers from the industry and institutions

The training is conducted by professional teachers and professionals from the field and leads to a certificate. The training starts August 31 (week 36) until November 20 (Week 47). There are 40 spots available.


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About CannNext

CannNext cultivates, conducts research with customers, provides training and advises companies on cultivation and organization.

The company has an ultramodern facility in the Netherlands that can produce standardized medicinal cannabis and conducts research into THC and CBD components in cannabis plants to ultimately improve the well-being of patients. CannNext conducts research with its customers and advises international companies and governments on the construction, design, and operation of high-end cultivation facilities in accordance with strict regulations and procedures. CannNext has a permit from the Dutch government for conducting research. This license is issued in the Netherlands by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. News can be found at Twitter and our News page.