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Amstelveen, The Netherlands, November 4, 2020

CannNext is listed in European top 150 in recent study

  • CannNext established as a recognized name for research and precision farming advice
  • Knowledge implemented in new product line of pre-fab climate cells made in the Netherlands
  • Pre-fab, locally tested, Dutch quality, GACP / GMP ready
  • 24/7 full service and grow support
  • Opportunity for investors to accelerate growth and partners to resell climate cells globally

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Happy to be included in top 150
“We know Hanway Associates as a well-known firm with excellent knowledge of the European landscape”, says Eric Uleman, managing director of CannNext. “We also know that they organize the First Wednesday Events for industry players. This report has been well written with clear graphics to drill down the market segments.”

Leverage, knowledge and skills for predictable ROI of harvest
“We are applying our knowledge to a new range of pre-fab climate cells. We save investors and growers time as those cells are fully tested in the Netherlands, shipped and almost immediately GACP / GMP ready to start. We brought together some of the most renowned horticultural suppliers to design our growing containers.”

“These containers are designed keeping in mind all those research labs, universities, and medicinal cannabis growers that want to innovate quickly and realize new techniques, so they can fully focus on product quality.”

The Turn-Key-Grow is basically a growth climate cell that is pre-fab and tested locally, allowing the best growing conditions possible. “On top of that, the climate cells are remotely accessible 24/7 thanks to the harvest monitoring. In addition, at CannNext we offer 24/7 grower support to help growers and organizations set up professional cultivation standards.”

Dutch knowledge and quality
The CannNext facility is the demonstration of how Dutch knowledge on horticulture can be applied to medicinal cannabis growing to achieve the consistent results that many growers have a hard time to realize. “Control and uniformity, this is what these containers are all about,” Eric remarks. “The more you structure, the less you have to fix. Designing such a growth climate chamber was surely a challenge, but the results we are getting are amazing to say the least. We now want to offer the same opportunity to growers all around the world. We offer such a standardized solution that allows companies and researchers to achieve the desired uniformity and operational excellence. Being in such a young industry, it is of the utmost importance to learn something new every day, and that is exactly the culture here at CannNext.”

CannNext Netherlands
Tel Office +31 (0) 20 767 1950

About CannNext Netherlands
CannNext cultivates, conducts research with customers, provides training and advises companies on cultivation and organization. It also produces full-service Turn-Key-Grow climate cells for precision farming of medicinal cannabis for global delivery.

The company has an ultramodern facility in the Netherlands that can produce standardized medicinal cannabis and conducts research into THC and CBD components in cannabis plants to ultimately improve the well-being of patients. CannNext conducts research with its customers and advises international companies and governments on the construction, design, and operation of high-end cultivation facilities in accordance with strict regulations and procedures. CannNext has a permit from the Dutch government for conducting research. This license is issued in the Netherlands by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. News can be found at Twitter and our News page.