August 12, 2019

CannNext is the first private laboratory in the Netherlands to start investigating medicinal cannabis

CannNext is the first private organization in the Netherlands to start an innovative research laboratory for medicinal cannabis in order to accelerate applications for patients. During the research weed plants are tested for substances that can help fight disease symptoms, such as (neuropathic) pain and dozens of other symptoms, the effects of which are recognized by the Dutch government and international organizations.

CannNext uses ultramodern research facility which is among the best in the world

CannNext carries the cultivation out with a permit from the Dutch government in a very modern, highly secured and secret indoor location. The cultivation facility is among the best in the world. The facility is equipped with innovative climate control, watering and lighting technology for very specific cultivation and research. The facility is very environmentally friendly because almost all the water is reused, unlike many other traditional greenhouses. Of course no pesticides are used in the cultivation of the medicinal product. The cultivation takes place in a completely closed climate system under very controlled conditions, whereby all odors are also filtered out. The company carries out research for international companies and organizations that specialize in research into plant ingredients.

CannNext is an an example of Dutch Greentech

The founder, Eric Uleman, says about the past 12 months: “It was a challenging process. Not only was the construction very complex because it rarely happens in Europe. In addition, long negotiations had to be held with the government and the municipality and police of the municipality where the plants are grown. This in connection with the extensive safety measures. The Netherlands has always been progressive in the development of medicinal applications for patients. The cultivation and research is an example of the Dutch Greentech: the final flower is the raw material for a medicine and that means that every flower must contain almost exactly the same amount of active substances. This is of course extremely difficult and there are very few research locations in the world where this can be achieved ”.

The aim is to improve patients’ well-being

CannNext has a team of researchers and is currently raising international funding for Research Fund 5. Eric Uleman: “We particularly want to investigate how medicinal cannabis can play a role in reducing the use of painkillers (opioids). Often you can lose sight of the goal in these types of complex processes. That is why I always emphasize to employees that it is important to realize that we do this for patients who can soon improve their well-being thanks to our research. ”

Eric Uleman is happy with all the interest for the research from the Netherlands but increasingly from the USA, Canada, Asian countries and Australia . “Many governments worldwide have legalized the medical use of cannabis. However, there is often little local knowledge available about the construction of a research facility and standardized cultivation. This requires a lot of technology and data analysis.

CannNext background

CannNext was founded in 2018 with the aim of improving the well-being of patients with research into THC and CBD components in cannabis plants. CannNext has received a permit from the Dutch government for the cultivation of cannabis for research purposes. This license is issued in the Netherlands by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. The Office for Medicinal Cannabis (BMC) is part of the ministry and advises the minister on granting opium law exemptions.

CannNext is a private organization in the Netherlands with an ultramodern facility capable of producing standardized medicinal cannabis for research. Her goal is to improve the well-being of patients through well-founded research, under the guidelines of Good Experimental Practices (GEP).