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Understanding the plant


Understanding ingredients


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Plant research

Research facility

CannNext offers One-Stop-Shopping for growing and testing from seed-to-plant-to-contents. We arrange for a smooth process to meet all regulatory and compliance matters for handling the product with the government. With its high-quality research facility, clients can quickly perform all their contract research in the Netherlands.

Our facility is suitable for research on:

  • Seeds
  • Ingredients
  • Applications
  • Use for illnesses
  • Plant growth analysis


We have one of Europe’s leading research facilities for medicinal cannabis. We provide

  • Research on seed and plants
  • Research on ingredients and extractions

Typical Clients

The Company is looking for cooperation with:

  • Manufacturers who want to understand how to use medicinal cannabis for products such as – for example – vaporizers
  • Researchers who want to understand the ingredients of the plant
  • Researchers looking for the effects of cannabis on patients
  • Seed companies that want to understand how their seeds perform under no-daylight and controlled climate
  • Growers that need plants tested

Public and consumer inspired research

  • We encourage the public and patients to submit suggestions for research or how to accelerate research to treat certain symptoms.