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European Medical Cannabis Ecosystem report

Published by the First Wednesdays network, with insights
provided in partnership with Hanway Associates and Invest In
Denmark (part of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs) in November 2020

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European Cannabis Market

The European cannabis market is growing fast. In 2017, the
Medicinal cannabis market in Europe had a turnover of
$5.4 billion.

The expectations are that the market growth will increase significantly in the upcoming years. By 2022 the medicinal cannabis sales will increase to
$9.9 billion

The Netherlands is the largest export producer of medicinal cannabis in Europe.

Dutch Cannabis Market

CannNext is currently one of the few companies in the Netherlands that is licensed by the Dutch Office of Medicinal Cannabis (OMC) for growing medicinal cannabis for research.

In the current Dutch market there are 56.430 patients that use Cannabis for medicinal purposes. In 2018, 540kg of medicinal cannabis was sold through pharmacies.

The expectation is that by 2020, 145.000 patients will receive medicinal cannabis prescribed by doctors.

The Government of the Netherlands will tender the production for medicinal cannabis in 2019.